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"From conference rooms to kitchens, we build to inspire."


Whether it is new construction or a remodel, your residence is a part of you. Lewis Builders takes a personal approach to your residential construction. A perfect home is comprised of countless decisions. We want you to understand all sides of the decisions that must be made during the construction process. We know that the more informed you are, the more likely you are to be happy with the decisions you make. This is where our personal attention sets us apart from the competition. Not only will we advise you of all of your construction options for the technical to the budgetary, we also have in-house interior design services. Our job is to ensure the finished product meets or exceeds your exacting standards and for you to enjoy the building process. We have cultivated an outstanding group of professionals over the years to produce the consistent, high quality construction that makes everyone involved proud of the project.


Prior to the merger, we were named “Commercial Upfit Specialist.” Although the two businesses are now one, our commercial specialty remains commercial upfits, alterations and remodels. We have been performing commercial upfits in the area since 1996. Since your space is a reflection of your business, we take pride in delivering top quality construction within your budget and schedule. From small interior upfits to large free standing metal buildings, Lewis Construction performs a wide variety of commercial construction services with the same customer relations and attention to detail of a demanding custom residential builder.


We offer design-build services for all types of construction in an effort to ensure your design and your budget are coordinated from the beginning, which saves time and money. Our relationships with local architects and engineers allow us to work in tandem on your project to ensure a streamlined planning process.

Green Building

A member of the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance, Frank Lewis has been associated with Energy Star since 1998 due to a natural inclination toward efficiency and environmental sensitivity. We view this type of construction as a sensible option for both the customer and the environment. Lewis Builders can offer guidance in incorporating energy efficiency and sustainable construction in your projects to any extent you desire.

Interior Design

From color schemes, cabinets, counters, hardware, flooring, etc., te decision making process in a construction project can be an overwhelming experience for some clients. At Lewis Builders, we offer in-house interior design services to help with product and color selections to bring your visions to reality. The first ten hours of design consultation are at no charge.